Last fall, architect David Wright (not the Mets star who may be on his way out of town) took it upon himself to dream up plans for how to extend the L train into Hudson Yards. Now, he's gone one further, and plotted out a way to connect the L all the way to the United Nations—and link Penn Station to Grand Central in addition.

"It seems weird at first," Wright told DNAInfo in an e-mail. "It would work really well for NYC subway riders by connecting virtually all subway lines and adding connections only makes travel easier." Wright's L train would loop up to the new 7 train stop at West 34th Street and 11th Avenue. From there, it would go across to Penn Station and Herald Square, then heading north to Grand Central Terminal and the U.N.

However, between the 7 line extension, the seemingly never-ending Second Avenue Subway, and East Side Access project, the MTA has its hands full with multi-billion dollar projects. Wright admitted to DNAInfo that the proposed project would likely cost several billion dollars, and he acknowledges the cash-strapped MTA currently doesn't have the cash to support it. But oh, how we'd love to see the classy pole dancing love-struck L train riders mingle with the wacky U.N. crowd.