An architect fell to his death from a midtown skyscraper yesterday afternoon. According to a preliminary NYPD investigation, Bruno Travalja, 52, was kneeling down to take a measurement when he fell from the 42nd floor of the building. (The initial NYPD report identifies the building as 1310 Sixth Avenue, but multiple outlets report that Travalja actually fell from 135 West 52nd Street, where the Flatotel is being converted into a condominium and offices.)

An NYPD spokesman said Travalja landed between two buildings on 52nd and 53rd Streets, and was pronounced dead at the scene. It's unclear what caused him to fall or if any safety protocols were violated. A spokesperson for the NYC Department of Buildings said in an email, "There is an ongoing investigation into the incident at this time."

Sources tell NY1 that Travalja "got dizzy" when he stood up after kneeling to take a measurement.