The Archdiocese of New York is asking a priest at a Staten Island church to go back to his "native Philippines because he’s ill with kidney disease," the Staten Island Advance reports. Rev. Eusebio Pablito Maghari, who has been at the church for six years, says that that he was told he can't stay on because of his health issues (diet and lost sight in one eye) and required weekly dialysis—a letter told him "The rectory is not the appropriate place for you to live."

Maghari says that if he goes back to the Philippines, "Slowly, I'll get sicker and sicker," because the diocese there wouldn't be able to afford his treatment. (One of his parishioners added, "He was essentially given a death sentence.") And he's upset that he's been stripped of his ability to perform sacraments like baptisms and marriages, telling the Advance, "That is the happiness of my priesthood, a gift from God. I cannot forsake it.”

However, the Archdiocese of New York says Maghari isn't a member yet (he's still officially part of his diocese in the Philippines; of course, his illness has made him ineligible to permanently be at St. Peter's) and said it felt "he would not be able to function as a priest." Spokesman Joseph Zwilling said Maghari's bishop in the Philippines "indicated he would welcome Father Pablito back. the bishop understands his condition. He’s ready and prepared to care for him," telling the Daily News, "We want what's best for Father Pablito." Still, Maghari says, “I’m feeling like somebody who really belongs to the community."