A few days after yet another Mexican was beaten by a group of teenagers on Staten Island, Archbishop Timothy Dolan delivered a sermon in an attempt to calm and soothe the community. He said in a sermon delivered in Spanish, "We will reclaim our streets. God lives in these streets. Fear, violence and hate do not live here."

There have been at least 10 bias attacks on the island since April, and despite heightened police presence on the island, the attacks continue. A 17-year-old was arrested this past weekend for robbing a Mexican boy at knifepoint while he and his gang yelled ethnic slurs. But Dolan hoped that his sermon helped some worried, Catholic locals. "The mass is the greatest thing we can do for us as Catholics. Whenever there’s trouble, whenever there’s a challenge, yeah, we take action, but the first thing we do is pray. I just wanted to be with God’s people, on a Sunday."

Parishioners said they felt comforted by Dolan's words. One Port Richmond resident told NY1, "I think it was very important for us, especially him right here in the community." Another echoed those feelings, but like many Staten Islanders, skirted the Hate Crime issue. “It’s going to help a lot I think, to make us feel more united," she said of Dolan's sermon. "But we need more help from the government, too. I think the attacks happen because they know these people are always carrying money with them. It might have something to do with race, but more with money."Join the club.