A Milwaukee lawyer says he will depose NY Archbishop Timothy Dolan over allegedly missing funds. According to the Journal Sentinel, attorney Jeffrey Anderson says the "Archdiocese of Milwaukee moved as much as $75 million off its books over the last six years in an effort to shield it from sex abuse settlements." The archdiocese, which was once headed by Dolan, has denied the accusations.

During Dolan's 2002-2009 tenure, there were 23 sex-abuse lawsuits against the Milwaukee Archdiocese. A spokesman for the archdiocese, which has declared bankruptcy, disputed Anderson's claims, "To the contrary, the archdiocese has been liquidating all nonessential assets for years to help pay for the costs of therapy and voluntary settlements."

Joseph Zwilling, spokesman for the New York Archdiocese, said, "Archbishop Dolan would welcome the opportunity to cooperate with any law enforcement people who are investigating the matter. Any allegation that there was an attempt to shield money is preposterous. It is simply not true."