As if the debate over whether a mosque and community center should be built two blocks from the World Trade Center site needed another player: Archbishop Timothy Dolan has offered to mediate a discussion between the government and the Park 51 developers on a potential new location. He said, "Those who wonder about the wisdom of the situation of the mosque, near such a wounded site, ask what I think are some legitimate questions that I think deserve attention."

Dolan compared the situation a few decades ago of Carmelite nuns at Auschwitz, "John Paul II said ‘Why don’t we get together civilly and thoughtfully and with dignity and maybe decide a good solution’ and he’s the one who said ‘let’s keep the idea and maybe move the address.’ It worked there. It might work here." Of course, Dolan also has experience in saying no to mosques—the Archdiocese agreed with plans to vote down a mosque proposed for a former convent on Staten Island.

He did praise both Mayor Bloomberg and Governor David Paterson for their involvement; Bloomberg has pointed out the Park 51 developers bought the building and have a right to be there (religious liberty) while Paterson is proposing a land swap (sensitivity to 9/11 victims' families). Dolan added, "My major prayer is that what has turned into somewhat of a divisive issue might develop into an occasion of very civil, rational, loving, respectful discussion." Keep prayin', big guy.