Archbishop Timothy Dolan addressed claims that his former archdiocese in Milwaukee moved $130 million from its books so it wouldn't have to pay victims of church sex abuse. A lawyer representing the victims wants to question Dolan about the allegedly missing money, but Dolan was furious about the insinuations and told the Daily News, "To think ... like Dolan's got some off-shore account in the Cayman Islands or something, this is just ludicrous. Darn it, I think the archdiocese has done a good job. And Lord knows, I worked my hardest."

Dolan led the Milwaukee Archdiocese between 2002 and 2009. Attorney Jeffrey Anderson says that $75 million was moved in 2005 and another $55 million in 2007—and the transfers occurred after sex abuse lawsuits were filed. Anderson said, "It can't be a coincidence. It has to be another attempt to conceal, to hide, to run and to be less than transparent."

According to NY1, Dolan's explanation is that $55 million is in a cemetery trust while "The other $75 million, he says, belonged to the parishes and was simply returned to them." He added to the News, "These are terribly irresponsible charges. Any law enforcement officers want to talk with me, be my guest. I have nothing to hide."