Archbishop Timothy Dolan is on the information superhighway—the leader of the New York Archdiocese has a blog called The Gospel in the Digital Age, where he tackles things like sexual abuse in the Catholic Church (today's entry is an op-ed he submitted to the NY Times, which declined it) and baseball—"It’s been hard for this bishop to be against angels, but fortunately that crisis of conscience has passed with the Yankees 5-2 victory last night over the Los Angeles Angels, giving them their 40th American League pennant and sending the Bronx Bombers back to the World Series."

The NY Times notes "only a handful of American bishops and cardinals have entered the meat-eating arena of the interactive Web," even though Pope Benedict is on Facebook. Brooklyn Archdiocese Bishop Anthony DiMarzio's spokesman Msgr. Kieran Harrington said, "The Internet can breed a kind of intensity, and negativity, that is hard to take. We just do not have the manpower to monitor something like that." Dolan's staff monitors the comments closely—Dolan "has a computer in the office but sometimes needs help with certain functions, like turning it on. He does not do e-mail."