Brooklyn, you are thisclose to gaining access to Bacon Cheddar Roastburgers™, Bronco Berry Dipping Sauce®, and other assorted food stuffs that will lead to your eventual heart attack. That's right, Arby's is officially opening after many obstacles in setting up shop at the landmarked 372 Fulton Street space. The Brooklyn Paper reports that the Landmarks Preservation Commission voted 7-1 in support of the newly revised Arby's design plan, even if it does include a giant menu board they aren't so thrilled with. The LPC's Roberta Washington stated, “The sign is the one thing that prevents this proposal from being fantastic.” However, project architects countered, declaring that "some kind of large menu board is necessary because Arby’s diners are accustomed to ordering from wall-mounted menu boards." C'mon Arby's customers, class it up a little! In the meantime, look for a late summer opening.