What a way to (almost) end 2006 - with an arbitrator making a decision about the MTA's transit workers' contract! And the decision is pretty anti-climactic - it's basically the deal that ended the strike last year, though it was later rejected by the Transit Workers Union, then passed but then denied by the MTA. Anyway, arbitrator George Nicolau said the deal was "the most just and reasonable" solution. From the AP:

Both the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and its foil, Transport Workers Union Local 100, hailed the decision as a triumph -- then needled each other.

In a written statement, TWU President Roger Toussaint called the MTA's decision to try to "wiggle a worse deal" through binding arbitration "a pigheaded attempt to embarrass transit workers."

MTA chief labor negotiator Gary Dellaverson said the result "proves that last year's illegal transit strike was utterly unnecessary."

Aw, we just want the TWU and the MTA to make out already!

Remember the Transit Strike? Mayor Bloomberg's sweater? Biking to work and making friends during walks? Nutty commutes? Ah, 2005, we were so innocent then.

Photograph of people walking across the Brooklyn Bridge on the first day of the strike by Bluejake