owelist.jpgDerek Jeter isn't alone when it comes to accusations of dodging taxes. The New York Post features a rundown of other famous New Yorkers who are on the hook for taxes owed. Near the top of the list is rap mogul Damon Dash, who allegedly owes the state $2 million.

Dash, 36, is one of almost 225,000 city debtors who together have shortchanged the city and state more than $1 billion in income taxes, penalties and interest, the records show.

Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter claims Florida as his primary residence, which raised the ire of the State Dept. of Finance and Taxation. His mom strongly disagrees and thinks her boy is being persecuted. Other notable people accused of not paying their taxes and what they owe:

  • Author Jay McInerney, $57,241
  • Former pimp Sydney Biddle Barrows, $290, 167
  • Actor Gary Oldman, $236,629
  • Dancer Ben Vereen, $119,825
  • Photographer Annie Liebovitz, $135,916

Many on the Post's list say that they've either paid up or are working to resolve their tax issues. Ironically, the biggest alleged scofflaw is financier Alberto Vilar, who's been accused of skimming money from investors to finance charitable activities.