Since Pale Male's girlfriend Lola went missing fans of the celebrity couple have been distraught (even if Pale Male has not). People keep photographing any red-tailed hawk they see in hopes that they've found Lola. And that's sweet, but also? New York is home to a whole slew of birds of prey, just as fascinating as Pale Male and his latest trollop! All you have to do is look up (in the right places). For instance, check out this photo from a reader of a juvenile red-tailed hawk hanging out in Hell's Kitchen. Or watch this video of an awesome guy who has taken to keeping another of our readers company in the mornings (because even birds of prey can appreciate the comic stylings of Married With Children):

Anyway, what were we saying? Ah, yes. New York City has a surprisingly rich amount of wildlife in it, and while it is fine to mourn one celebrity animal it is just as important to remember that we have a whole bunch of non-celebrities worthy of attention. And those creatures face some serious issues of their own, ranging from poisoned and infected food sources to a shortage of safe nest locations. Or, as Urban Hawks recently put it:

As we mourn Lola's disappearance, lets be careful not to zoom in on a few blocks of New York's wealthiest neighborhood but keep things in perspective and remember that we have a city that has once again become a home for many breeding birds of prey and is unprepared for their return.

Ruminating about what happened to Lola or arguing about a name for Pale Male's new mate isn't going to help our city's birds.

If you want to remember Lola, assist the organizations that support birds in New York City.

There are a number of outfits working to help New York's urban wildlife, but our first pick, if you want to help, would probably be the always-informative New York City Audubon Society.