2008_11_bellehosp.jpgNew York Magazine has a big feature on Bellevue Hospital, looking at its history and future, as the Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital at 30th Street and First Avenue is up for development--"Yesterday’s asylum, tomorrow’s boutique hotel" (the hospital will still exist, as it has other buildings in the area). Former chief psychologist Frederick Covan says, "It takes a lot to get into Bellevue... [It's not for] "some Upper East Side suicidal neurotic or whatever—they’d go to NYU Medical Center next door. Our patients were the ones with no money, no resources, and multiple stressors.” Like this man at the beginning of the article: "Last fall, a 26-year-old man drew the attention of pedestrians on West 47th Street. He seemed slightly agitated. Finding the door to the Olive Garden locked, he went into Tad’s Steakhouse, briefly climbed onto the counter, then left. As he paced the sidewalk, he checked his cell-phone messages. Other than a single black sock, which he later removed, the cell phone was the only thing he was wearing." Photo: Atomische.com on Flickr