2005_07_ipodmurder.jpgThe NY Times reports that Apple CEO Steve Jobs called the family of Christopher Rose, the 15 year-old who was killed over an iPod this past weekend. Apparently one of Jobs's assistants called a NY Times reporter to get the Rose family's phone number, and Jobs called Errol Rose, the father who lived with Christopher in Pennsylvania specifically to shield him from NYC's violence. Jobs expressed his sympathy and told Rose "if there is anything - anything - anything he could do, to not be afraid to call him." Rose has also been incredibly eloquent, and mournful, about the situation on the streets that led to his son's death:

"We live in a world which is changing rapidly. We have the technology that can give us the iPod and everything else, but it's not all these things. We have to work on the minds and the hearts. We're failing these kids. We're not loving them like we're supposed to."

Darran Samuel, 16 years old, is still being held for the murder.