Riding into Brooklyn on a cresting wave of bourgeois inevitability, an Apple Store is opening in Williamsburg. In August we reported that the borough's first Apple Store would open on the corner of North 3rd Street and Bedford Avenue, in the location formerly occupied by The Bagel Store, a small health food store, and an independently-owned pharmacy. Property manager Ben Bernstein of RedSky Capital denied this at the time, but now Steve Cuozzo at the Post is confident it's a done deal.

The 20,000-square-foot space is currently undergoing a gut renovation. Cuozzo reports that the building will be "getting a whole new look, featuring dramatic, arched windows," and his sources say the store will open in spring of 2015.

The location is conveniently located across from Duane Reade and the future Whole Foods site, and is just a short walk from J. Crew, Starbucks, and Urban Outfitters. A Buy n Large is expected to open soon in the space currently occupied by the Turkey's Nest.

Neither RedSky Capital nor Apple immediately responded to our requests for comment.

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