While Google Maps has been shockingly unreceptive to Garth Johnston's frequent attempts to coin HoBro (centered around the Houston and Broadway location of Hollister), Apple Maps has pulled the trigger on a new made-up neighborhood in lower Manhattan: LoDel, aka Below Delancey. Made-up neighborhoods whistleblower Matthew Hyland noticed the addition as well: "I saw LoDel show up on the Google map some time ago and I nixed it. The guy came back with "SoDeWeAl" South Delancey West Allen and I nixed that too. He threatened me even though I explained I lived at Broome and Orchard for two years and never heard that before."

LoDel has been turning up on various real estate websites, but that only puts it in the same league as ProCro, SoPa and NoMad. We asked Hyland, who was previously able to put a stop to "Midtown South Central," if there was anything that could be done to stop Skynet Apple from colluding with the machines real estate hucksters:

Apple Maps must be stopped! I hate it and don't know how to change it. Everything on 7th ave South is on 7th ave so there are dozens of businesses located above 14th that should be below. Apple maps also made a neighborhood name "BoCoCa" which is Boerum Cobble Carroll. [Editor's note: that cringe-worthy moniker was around before Apple picked it up.] I wouldn't have a problem with this but it in the Gowanus/Park Slope area and not near the area that should have that name.

I think some people are trying to coin neighborhood names because if it catches on it actually could become a real name. If you throw enough shit against a wall some will stick.