Way back in 2017, the famed glass Apple Cube disappeared from Fifth Avenue so the company could perform some much-needed renovations on the store. A few months later, Apple announced that the flagship store (ahem, "Town Square") would return by 2018. Based on the fact that it has not yet reopened, that clearly did not come to pass.

But today, we got the first major signs of life when Apple unveiled the new look for the Cube... and it's new color palette, which could be described as "trippy iridescent rainbow." Has someone been hitting the psilocybin?

Apple Cube

The Skating Chick

A message on the glass reads: "Beneath the surface of Fifth Avenue, you’ll soon discover a reimagined space where creativity is always welcome. A 24-hour store with doors open to the bright lights and big dreams of this city, ready to inspire what you can do, discover, and make next."

According to 9to5Mac, the space has been completely redone, both inside and out: "Cantilevered steps replace the former glass staircase, winding upward to the iconic cube entryway. Outside, the plaza surrounding the store has been resurfaced and is now dotted by a grid of circular skylights allowing natural light to flow into the store below." It'll reportedly have twice the square-footage of its predecessor.

In case you're wondering why some people might care about this, the Apple Cube initially wowed New Yorkers, and became a tourist destination, when the Apple Store first opened in 2006, and then again in 2011 when they replaced the 90 glass panels with 15 larger, seamless glass panels (which were not shatterproof).

There's no word yet on exactly when it'll reopen, but all the insiders seem to be intimating that it'll be very soon, so if you're the kind of person who likes to camp out for Apple products and such, you might want to consider getting the sleeping bag out now.