Four years ago, a jury found a Montessori school teacher guilty of having sex with a 13-year-old student back in the 1990s and guilty of bribing another underage student with whom she was having a relationship. Ever since then, Lina Sinha had been trying to get the convictions overturned. Yesterday, an appeals court gave her mixed news: They threw out the bribery conviction but upheld the sodomy conviction.

The bizarre story unfolded in 2004 when Sinha claimed her former student—the 13-year-old she seduced in 1996 when she was 29—who became a police officer had raped and threatened her. It turned out that Sinha was jealous he ended their years-old relationship and was seeing someone else. The officer confessed about the once-illicit affair and Sinha was arrested (she claimed the relationship started when he was of legal age).

Prosecutors said that Sinha seduced another young student in 2001 because she missed the first student. While a jury could not decide if she raped him, they did find her guilty of bribing him to change his story when their relationship was being investigated. However, the appeals court found the prosecution failed to give Sinha's lawyer "e-mails and [other information]...that could have impeached the second boy's trial testimony."