Yesterday, a federal appeals court panel of three judges upheld the conviction of lawyer Lynne Stewart for smuggling messages from a radical leader to his followers in Egypt. And the panels also thinks a judge should consider increasing her prison time from the 28 month sentence that was already handed down.

Stewart had defended terrorist Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman and was found guilty of ferrying messages between him and his followers in violation of special administrative measures. Stewart said she was simply being a "zealous advocate" for her client, but a judge wrote, "A genuinely held intent to represent a client ‘zealously’ is not necessarily inconsistent with criminal intent." Stewart's bail was also revoked, and she may be going to prison this afternoon.

Stewart was defiant after the ruling, "I will go on fighting... I'm no criminal," and told supporters, "Visit me in jail. Send money to the commissary!" She also said it was a warning to lawyers who might represent defendants in the upcoming 9/11 terror trials, "If you’re going to lawyer for these people, you’d better toe very close to the line that the government has set out" or else they "will end up like Lynne Stewart."