Well you had a good run, Richard Ravitch. After conflicting decisions from the courts in the days immediately following him signing his name as lieutenant governor in Peter Luger's blood, a state appeals panel in Brooklyn has once again struck down Governor Paterson's appointment of Ravitch as unconstitutional. In the panel's unanimous decision today, they said, "We have no quarrel with those who say that having a man of Mr. Ravitch’s stature, knowledge, and experience in the office of lieutenant governor would promote the public interest by providing help and counsel to the governor in difficult times and by bringing much-needed stability to the government of this State...(but) the governor’s purported appointment of Mr. Ravitch was unlawful because no provision of the Constitution or of any statute provides for the filling of the vacancy in the office of lieutenant governor other than by election." While the panel encouraged that Paterson take the fight all the way to the Court of Appeals, the Daily News says that is not likely since that court consists mostly of Pataki appointees.