...but the president of the union said that there was a "good possibility" of a strike during an afternoon press conference, according to the NY Times. Union Local 32BJ and Realty Advisory Board on Labor Relations are arguing over contributions to health care (the union doesn't want to contribute 15% of health premiums) and pay (the building owners want a pay freeze) for a year. And while buildings are saying they pay thousands towards healthcare, the unions and their supporters point out how wealthy these buildings are during this hot real estate market. Negotiations are happening at the midtown Sheraton; the deadline is midnight tonight.

Check out the Daily News' Albor Ruiz's column today. Some buildings are making contigency plans, asking residents to volunteer at the front door and creating building ID badges. UPS isn't expected to cross picket lines (UPS managers will make delivers instead), while FreshDirect emailed its customers with a plan.