To go along with charges against the driver who allegedly drunkenly slammed into a Staten Island building over the weekend, the city has decided to pile onto the building's owner, too! Because that'll show someone?

As the Staten Island Advance reports, yesterday an inspector issued a violation to the owner of 5309 Arthur Kill Road for an illegal conversion. According to the city the building's first floor was never supposed to be converted from a storefront into two apartments. But the owner swears he bought it that way and anyway says the building never had a proper Certificate of Occupancy on file.

"That's the way I bought it," owner Albert Calascione told the paper, adding, "I get insulted when they say I did illegal conversions. It makes me look like the bad guy."

"I'm the victim here," the landlord, who last made headlines when a meat slicer was stolen from a restaurant he owns, went on. "My building was run into, you know what I'm saying? ... I hired a contractor on the spot. I shored up the building. I cleaned up the mess. I put up temporary fencing. I was there for 14 hours securing the property immediately. I tried to do the right thing right from the rip. It wasn't, like, 'Where's the landlord? He couldn't be found.' I was there immediately."