I hope you just so happened to step out your door in galoshes today, because a windy raging tempest threatens to lash New York City with its rain whips later today. At least over Brooklyn, the clouds are encroaching on the sun's turf, possibly preparing to unleash a torrential downpour on your poor unwitting head.

Thunderstorms could begin anytime now, really, although the National Weather Service suggests we won't really be in the shit until later this afternoon: a small chance of rain jumped to a full chance of rain at 12 p.m., with the possibility of occasional thunder cracks and showers on deck from 2 p.m. until 7 p.m. I regret to report that the breeze may give way to a menacing bluster as well: Surface winds are expected to hover around 11 mph all afternoon, escalating your regular risk of being hit in the face by airborne trash. Already, as I write this, the tree branches outside my window are growing measurably more antsy, quaking in probable fright over what's to come.

Squalls aside, the show may not really begin until around 8 p.m., when the NWS expects all-out thunderstorms to mercilessly rattle your windows until roughly 11 p.m., after which point they may possibly give way to less belligerent—if still wet and raucous—conditions. Gusty rain remains a possibility overnight and through Thursday: tumultuous storms might return for round two around 3 p.m. on Thursday, we will just have to wait and see.

This looming weather event has one redeeming quality, though, and allow me to tell you what that is: a brief respite from the sweltering August heat. Today's heat index could reach 90 degrees by 3 p.m., which is gross, but then temps could drop off as the storms move in. We're looking at lows in the mid-70s by midnight—a situation I imagine could feel downright balmy, what with the cooling garbage breezes and all—and down to 72 early Thursday morning. Things will, of course, heat up again tomorrow afternoon (heat index of 86 by 3 p.m., sorry), but you probably expected as much. In any case, pretty good sleeping storms seem a small price to pay for pristine beach weather over the weekend, which the NWS says may be coming down the pipe.

And what of those possible tornadoes you heard whispers of this morning? Funnel clouds could come for parts of the Hudson Valley—if that's you, please see our How to Hide From a Tornado guide—but in NYC, we're looking at potentially damaging (and dusty!) winds, the possibility of big hail, and flash floods, conveniently scheduled for your commute. Time to grab your paddle board and give yourself over to The Weather—no umbrella can save you now.