2008_12_pierce.jpgGiants linebacker Antonio Pierce spoke to the media today, but did not mention anything about last Friday night/early Saturday morning, when he was at a Manhattan nightclub where teammate Plaxico Burress accidentally shot himself. Pierce said, "I am not speaking about any events that happened Friday or Saturday morning. If there are any questions about the New York Giants as a team and going forward and about the Philadelphia Eagles I will answer, but again I will repeat myself, I am not answering any questions or tell you anything that happened on Saturday." Pierce's SUV was impounded by the NYPD, because he drove Burress to the hospital.

However, Pierce's lawyer Michael Bachner was free with his words. He said Pierce would cooperate with the investigation--and testify before a grand jury (Burress faces felony gun charges), "Antonio has always taken a position that he will be cooperative in the investigation with law enforcement and should Antonio be subpoenaed to the grand jury, and we have no idea that is going to happen, but if he is he is going to abide by his obligations as a citizen."

In the meantime, the NYPD is criticizing the Giants for not contacting them immediately upon learning about the shooting. Yesterday, Giants explained that Pierce called the team's VP of medical services to tell him about the shooting and asked where he should take Burress. The hospital suggested was New York Presbyterian-Weill Cornell, which has also come under fire from city officials.

The Wall Street Journal has an opinion piece titled, "Free Plaxico Burress": "To be sure, Mr. Burress got caught because of what appears to have been stupid and irresponsible behavior connected with the handgun. But he does not face prison for shooting himself. His impending mandatory sentence highlights the unfairness and unconstitutionality of New York City's draconian gun laws."