Gothamist is getting reports from all over that the anti-war protest currently going on down Broadway is a shockingly large one. Though it is only supposed to go from Union Square down Broadway to Worth Street, we're hearing reports of protesters backing up all the way to Madison Square!

Anybody got any photos? Reports? Etc.? Put 'em in the comments and we'll update this post as more info becomes available (i.e. when the rally actually finishes).

Photo by Adam Rountree for the AP

Update Here are some more photos sent in by reader Bucky:




Update 2 Lots of goodies are starting to flow into flickr, like this photo from ianqui:


And this one from Boss Tweed:


There were even old people from the Abe Lincoln Brigade there:


And of course, the obligatory end-of-rally-aerial-shot from jgo ★:


Special Bonus! Today was also the 19th annual Sikh Day Parade, from 40th and Broadway to Madison Square Park. Walking north along the anti-war route, the last couple of blocks blended almost seamlessly into the Sikh Day events-- of course, there were more turbans and curried food!


Update: here's a good set from Molly on Flickr-- check out this one of Cindy Sheehan! Add links to yours in the comments.