2006_02_portnewark.jpgFrom his hospital bed, Governor Pataki has joined other politicians in opposing Dubai World Ports from taking over P&O Ports holdings in the U.S. Specifically the ports which serve New York and New Jersey. Senators Schumer and Clinton had been against the deal, along with Representative Peter King (Long Island, Republican) and NJ Senator Menendez, given the history of terrorist ties with the United Arab Emirates. But the Bush administration claimed "favorable" relations with the UAE and Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said that the takeover was okay in terms of national security - though there aren't any specific reasons why. What Governor Pataki has done is to let the Port Authority look over the lease with P&O; while the Port Authority can't really stop the deal (because it's just one company assuming the lease of another), unless any provision of the lease seems violated, according to the NY Times. The Democrats seem to be leading the charge against this deal, but with the Governor on board as well, given his presidential dreams (waning, perhaps?) it could be very interesting, though we suspect the deal will go through.