Earlier this summer, everyone's favorite foul-mouthed Times Square character landed himself in a lot of trouble due to an alleged plot to extort the Girl Scouts. Anti-Semitic Elmo—a.k.a. Adam Sandler, who is really named Dan Sandler—was arrested in June for trying to extort $2 million from the Girls Scouts by threatening crazy allegations, plus stalking and harassing a Girl Scouts employee. According to the News, Sandler admitted to the plot in court today, saying he threatened to spread a lie that sex with young girls at scout camp was set up and condoned by the institution.

Sandler had been employed by the Girls Scouts as a temp for a computer programming project from 2007-2008. After he was arrested in June 2012 for harassing people and going on rants about Jews, he started sending "alarming" and "bizarre" emails to a Girl Scouts supervisor. Among other things, he allegedly wrote, "I will show up at Girl Scout functions and other places that parents and kids congregate and hold signs, connecting the Girl Scouts… with the Cambodian Rape Camp man."

Sandler faces up to 15 years in prison for the extortion plot, but he is expected to receive two years for his plea deal. If only he had stuck with the e-learning instead of "the International Jew Brand" rants: "I want to continue doing my Elmo gig because I make a lot of money. I want to do that the rest of my life. I should have gone to law school instead of doing the e-learning," he allegedly said to officials after his arrest in June.