Photo: Bluejake

According to the Daily News, the NYPD may be considering disbanding the street anti-graffiti and vandalism unit that was created during the Giuliani administration. Why? The NYPD is looking into maximizing the efficiency of the different police squads; the anti-graffiti cops would be folded into the Transit Bureau vandals squad. However, the DN reports that some police officers are concerned they are going to be chasing "crooks who steal copper wires from subway stations" versus spray paint-toting "hoodlums." No changes have been finalized - it's simply at the discussion level. Gothamist finds this an interesting look at how manpower is deployed on the NYPD. Could shifting the number of cops on the transit vandals beat help prevent subway crime? Probably...which makes us wonder if transit cops will be chasing photobloggers taking pictures on the subway as well as calling in photobloggers to give up the goods on graf they capture around the city.

Check out the city's Anti-Graffiti Task Force. Graffiti is one of the top problems noted by community leaders in a quality of life study. And the NY Times profiled some of the city's most lyrical street artists.