123 On The Park, a high-end development situated at Prospect Park's southeastern edge, has all the amenities a luxury apartment seeker could ask for: A gaming lounge, a fitness center, bicycle storage, and the ghosts of at least several hundred tortured souls doomed to eternal unrest.

The building is the site of the former Caledonian Hospital, which opened in 1910 and shuttered in 2003, to considerable community disappointment. According to the Post, it was seized by the undead shortly thereafter, who enjoyed rent-free use of the facilities until 2014, when 123 On The Park opened its doors.

Understandably perturbed by the gentrification of their longtime home, the ghosts have organized to retaliate—according to the tabloid, at least three doormen have quit in the last six months, citing "eerie visions, sounds and even smells."

We tried to confirm the haunted smells today, though employees manning the door refused to allow us into the building's yoga room. The spectral rumors, they said, were actually started by neighbors concerned that the new high-end development would raise their own cost of living.

Other enterprising locals have tried to turn the alleged haunting into a bargaining chip: The front desk manager added that some prospective renters have attempted to negotiate rent breaks on the basis that the units already come equipped with dead former tenants, an inconvenience roughly on par with mice or shower mold.

Management denied any staff retention problems, adding that the only living entities on the property aside from paying tenants is a wall garden in the library.

With Joanna Purpich