You may recall way back in the Dark Ages, when New York didn't offer its citizens equal protection under the law, the National Organization for Marriage spent a lot of money to rally support against the same-sex marriage bill. They failed thanks in part to a group of reasonable Republicans (not a typo) who voted with their conscience. But NOM is still upset that God didn't bestow them with victory, so they've begun spending more money on billboards targeting those Republicans for not being predictable assholes. The Daily News reports that in GOP state senator Roy McDonald's Albany-area district, a sign paid for by NOM reads "Roy McDonald, You're Fired." It's like Burma-Shave, only for bigots!

"This is not going to end," NOM president Brian Brown told the paper, referring to the $40,000 his group wasted on the campaign that also calls out senators Mark Grisanti, Stephen Saland, and James Alesi for being decent human beings. NOM is hoping to make the vote an issue in 2012, and force a statewide referendum on same-sex marriage. "This is what this campaign is going to be from here on out," Brown says, "We are not going to rest until the people of this state get a vote," or until NOM invents a time machine, whichever comes first.

The Human Rights Campaign has vowed to assist any Republican senators who voted in favor of same-sex marriage in their reelection bids, and for now, the Republicans are taking it in stride. A spokesman for Senator Grisanti tells the paper, "People need to get over it because the simple fact is that everyone should enjoy the same rights. This just rolls right off our back." Tsk tsk, isn't there a passage in Leviticus that forbids that vile "back rolling?"