Okay, we're in week two of knowing about law student Mindy Meyer's campaign to run for State Senate in Brooklyn's 21st District. At first, it was amusing to behold her hot pink website—with the incongruous Photoshop of her in front of D.C.'s national Capitol building—and to know she's inspired by Elle Woods. But then Meyer, 22, revealed she was inspired by Rudy Giuliani and showed off a lack of knowledge about Albany's current political power players. Then she announced she'd like to run for president. Now, we finally have an answer about what her accomplishments are: Meyer said on Yetta Kurland's radio show, "I’ve been involved with education, also I’m not alive enough to have actively done anything. I’m running for Senate right now because I want to make a difference and I want the power to do that change, but there’s nothing I’ve actively done."

Politicker also posted a transcript of the appearance:

YK: Do you have any friends who are gay or lesbian??

Mindy: I have a friend that actually works at the U.S. Attorney’s office and she said I have a very big gay following.

YK: Is that right?

Mindy: That’s what I’ve been hearing, you know, from the streets.

Kurland, a Democrat who has tried to usurp City Council Speaker Christine Quinn for her Council seat, also asked Meyer about her position on gay marriage. Previously, Meyer told Capital's Azi Paybarah, "I feel like people can do whatever they want. I just don't necessarily feel like it should necessarily result in marriage ... It's not something I support, you know? But I'm not against--people can be with whoever they want. Just in terms of marriage, I just feel that, you know, um, I guess you can say I'm against it." But now....

YK: Okay. So, let me ask you a question, do you support marriage?

Mindy: Um, I personally do not have anything against people being gay. I know my party line does not support it, but I definitely wouldn’t try to repeal it. I feel there’s other issues to focus on, so-

YK: So if I wanted to marry my partner, would you be against that?

Mindy: Again, I personally feel that it’s not a platform for marriage, I think marriage is between a man and a woman. But again, I would not go and repeal it. I feel there are more important issues to focus on in my district than — I really feel, personally, it’s within a person’s discretion what they want to do and I would not oppose that.

YK: So you wouldn’t oppose — if it were my discretion to want to marry a same sex partner, you wouldn’t oppose that?

Mindy: I’m not particularly for gay marriage, I’m just not against it. I’m saying, as I mentioned, I don’t necessarily feel it’s a platform for marriage, but again, it’s within a person’s discretion to decide what they want to do. Me personally, those are not my views.

YK: But let’s say, would you block-

Mindy: As I mentioned, I would not repeal it. I would focus my energies to other issues.

YK: So marriage equality is now legal in New York State, you would support and recognize that law as it stands today, meaning you wouldn’t try and overturn it and you would recognize it-

Mindy: I would just leave it alone, meaning I wouldn’t necessarily try and repeal it, but I wouldn’t necessarily vote for it.

You can listen to Meyer in all her glory, with this montage from the show: