The Brooklyn Paper reports that members of the Westboro Baptist Church — famous for their "God Hates Fags" and "Thank God For 9/11" signs — will be in Park Slope this Saturday to harass the Sabbath services at Congregation Beth Elohim. This isn't their first time in NYC— they visited the West Village earlier this year. The synagogue is being targeted as part of a concerted effort to begin protesting Jewish organizations for such sins as tolerance of homosexuality and of course, killing Jesus.

The independent church from Topeka, KS calls itself baptist but is not affiliated with any formal Baptist denomination. They have brought their one-ring hate-circus to military funerals, churches, and even Billy Graham. They had a nice little pr campaign against the revivalist, saying "Billy is a lying whore: just like a whore, he'll give you what you want, if you pay him."

How do you think that kind of message will fly in Brooklyn?