2006_03_cursejar.jpgYou really need to wonder what some public school administrators are thinking: A Brooklyn high school is trying to fight name-calling - definitely a noble and worthy effort - but the way they are going about it is a little...strange. At the High School for Global Studies on Court Street, they are giving stickers with curses on them - only they have the univeral circle-and-slash over them. The stickers, whose words include "faggot," "bitch," "ho," "slut" and racial slurs and they have been very popular. Well, we wonder why! The principal tells the Post the stickers are supposed to shock the students into not using the word, but it almost seems like it's glamorizing the words - "Hey, I get to wear this word on my bag!" And let's be real - if you see a "no slut" sign, wouldn't you think that meant the person didn't want sluts or wasn't a slut? We think kids should just do a curse jar (instead of money, you give up free time!) or get demerits, because in another day, one of the walls at the school will be covered in the stickers.