Attorney General and still unofficial gubernatorial candidate Andrew Cuomo isn't fooling anyone. His critics have already called him "clever" and "coy" for not officially announcing his campaign, a strategy they say has allowed him to gain publicity without having to take difficult stances or unpopular positions. Now—even though he's still not officially in the race—his rivals have released a fairy tale-themed attack ad blasting the probable candidate, according to the Daily News.

The ad, created by the conservative political action committee New Yorkers for Growth, slams Cuomo for not using his resources to investigate the Working Families Party—a political party that came under scrutiny last year for allegations of campaign finance improprieties.

"Prince Andrew" from New Yorkers for Growth on Vimeo.

Here's the text from the ad:

Once, there was a handsome prince who promised to protect New Yorkers. People said he would soon be king. But one day, it looked like some bad people were breaking the laws the prince was supposed to enforce. But the bad people could help the prince be king. And the prince refused to investigate. And if you think it's a coincidence Andrew Cuomo won't investigate the Working Families Party, you must believe in fairy tales.