Previously, Carl Paladino made it clear that he was an opponent of abortion—even if the woman in question was raped, or a victim of incest, "the baby can be adopted." But Paladino's old enemy Fred Dicker discovered some fun facts: Paladino is the landlord for a Planned Parenthood in Niagara Falls, one which offers RU-486 pill ("medication abortion"), "medications to make the abortion more comfortable," pre- and post-abortion patient education and post-abortion follow-ups.

All of this makes us wonder who will be more annoyed with Carl over this: his supporters, who are stringently, unequivocally anti-abortion, or liberals who think this if more proof of his hypocrisy. Planned Parenthood Advocates of New York President Tracey Brooks accused Paladino of "talking out of one side of his mouth" against abortion while "renting and accepting money from health-care centers he's looking to cut funding to" (which bares a resemblance to flack he's received over his views on homosexuality, and the fact that he collected rent on several gay clubs).

Campaign manager Michael Caputo said Paladino's company was obliged by an existing lease agreement to keep Planned Parenthood as a tenant after it acquired land to build the shopping center: "Carl does not break the law or contracts, even in pursuit of his personal beliefs." Or in other words, Carl is a businessman first and foremost, and a moralist and email-enthusiast secondly.