If you want the world to know your opinion on abortion all the time, you might want to move to New Jersey. After a lawsuit where Children First accused the state of “content-based and viewpoint-based discrimination,” the New Jersey DMV is offering license plates with an anti-abortion slogan "Choose Life." Because anyone in favor of a woman's right to choose is clearly an opponent of life in any form.

Dr. Elizabeth Rex of Children First insisted that the plate wasn't about abortion, but about adoption. "It's a pro-adoption plate," she said. She also told CBS 2, “You can’t choose adoption without choosing life." But Planned Parenthood says they're just being given a platform for giving misinformation, and spokeswoman Michele Jaker said, "I think that we would look to also take advantage if this is the state's policy and now we can have advocacy license plates."

Children First said they'd "welcome" a Planned Parenthood plate, saying, "It's a public forum. There are opposing plates in other states, such as Hawai'i and Montana." The plates went on sale on December 3rd. So far nobody has bought one, but the point is that now they have the choice.