A hilaaaarious prank involving baby Tylenol went seriously awry at the Queens Criminal Court yesterday. The drama reportedly started when an envelope addressed to an assistant district attorney containing crushed white powder turned up in the mail room. The room was promptly evacuated, 911 was called, and the Daily News reports that seven people were about to be treated for exposure to anthrax. Just then it was determined that it was all just lawyer humor.

"The assistant district attorney [ADA] who received the letter had been complaining that he had cold and flu symptoms,” a law enforcement source tells the tabloid. “He was whining and complaining about it for awhile. The other ADA sent him baby Tylenol as a joke." It would have been the funniest Queens court moment since a lawyer for the "designer vagina" surgeon was overheard saying "vajayjay"—if only the contents hadn't been so badly damaged by the freakin' US Postal Service. The mailman who delivers to the court better hope he has a good lawyer.

In the meantime, a spokesperson for Queens DA Richard Brown says the jokester will be reprimanded.