Anthony Weiner, who is already in a metaphorical prison of his own horniness and ego, is asking a judge to not send him to an actual prison made of concrete and steel and other prison stuff.

Weiner, whose legendary horniness may have changed the course of American history, had already pleaded guilty to sending sexually explicit pictures to a minor. His lawyers are now asking the judge presiding over his sentencing to spare the former member of Congress from years in the slammer and instead give him probation.

The Post reports that Weiner's lawyers wrote to Judge Denise Cote asking for probation instead of prisons because his "operatic self-destruction" was due to an addiction that sent him spiraling further and further out of control.

Also, according to amNewYork, Weiner's lawyers are arguing he was the victim of a honeypot scheme and is not actually sexually interested in teenagers. Weiner's attorney told Cote that since the teen Weiner sexted admitted that she sought Weiner out in order to get a book deal and change the course of the election, that the case should be treated differently from your average case of sending sexually explicit images to minors.

"We have seen no other federal prosecutions — anywhere — that involve minor victims seeking out a defendant and encouraging the defendant to engage in explicit conduct so that the defendant could be publicly exposed," Arlo Devlin-Brown wrote.

Weiner is looking at 21 to 27 months in federal prison, though the Daily News notes that judges aren't bound by prosecutorial recommendations for sentencing.

As always, please remember that while teen horniness is not a crime, adult horniness for teens absolutely is.