Last weekend Staten Island Republican Michael Grimm's reelection campaign got a boost from casual swearing and New York Times bashing, and on Wednesday the borough's GOP executive committee unanimously endorsed his candidacy, despite reports that he strong-armed $500K in illegal cash donations from the followers of Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto. Today, The Staten Island Advance reports that it was former Rep. Anthony Weiner who alerted Grimm's Democratic opponent Mike McMahon that something was amiss in Grimm's campaign coffers in 2010.

“Weiner heard that one of Pinto’s top lieutenants knew Grimm,” the source with knowledge of McMahon's campaign said. “It was how Grimm was able to get that access.” One of those "top lieutenants" is presumably Ofer Biton, an Israeli citizen who the Times outed as Grimm's liaison to Pinto's followers. According to the paper's report, the two men allegedly cruised around in an SUV soliciting illegal cash donations.

McMahon wasn't able to use the list of suspect donations as a wedge, because his campaign was criticized for compiling a list of "Jewish money" donors. “It allowed Grimm to accuse McMahon of ridiculous things,” the source said. “The campaign had to be hesitant about going back at Grimm.”

Grimm has fiercely denied the allegations, and said that his relationship with Rabbi Pinto “was more of a spiritual experience; it was not campaign strategy.” And what's a little $500K tithe every now and then?