Aha! Former Congressman Anthony Weiner, whose political career was torpedoed by some terrible sexting (crotch shots, depressingly intimate chats, terrible self-portraits) is not totally off the grid when it comes to his new son's birth. According to the Post, Weiner sent a message via Blackberry—"Subject: Jordan Zain Weiner"—stated the short but sweet text. “7lbs 5.8 oz of sparkling wonder; Did I mention his mom is amazing?; We love you for welcoming him."

The child was born on Tuesday and someone who saw the baby said he was the "spitting image of his mother," Huma Abedin, who works for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Weiner and Abedin, who had been featured in Vogue and is routinely described as "glamorous," were married in July 2011. Abedin was reportedly "blindsided" by Weiner's online indiscretions.

The Post caught up with Weiner's mentor, Senator Chuck Schumer, who "admitted he hadn’t called yet with congratulations." But Schumer did said, "Look, every baby is a blessing, and, to me, the greatest thing that could happen is to be a mother or father."