In honor of the one year anniversary of Obamacare passing, Rep. Anthony Weiner has decreed today, "Ask Me Shit On Social Media Day." He is taking questions all day on Twitter, Facebook, Daily Kos, and most amusingly, in the AMA section of Reddit, which has already generated well over a thousand comments in the last hour. Because where else could you get questions such as, "Have you considered going into humorous porn? (GET IT EVERYONE? WEINER JOKES)" ?

So far, the redditors have been mostly well-behaved (many have taken to referring to each other as "the gentleman...") and asked serious questions, including many queries about his stance on Israel (including why he "unconditionally" supports the state), about health care, campaign finance reform, marijuana laws, whether he has mayoral aspirations, and what it was like rooming with Jon Stewart ("sexy leftist underwear political debate slumber parties"). Weiner said he'll be back at 5:30 pm to answer questions and comment for an hour. We certainly hope he has time to address this question from NYC Hound:

Hi, fellow Brooklynite here. Not sure if you read the recent Gothamist post that quotes you as having said to Mayor Bloomberg:

"When I become mayor, you know what I’m going to spend my first year doing? I'm going to have a bunch of ribbon-cuttings tearing out your fucking bike lanes."

First question: Will you be running for NYC mayor in the future?

Second question: Did you really say that? Because a lot of people rely on cycling as a mode of transportation both for financial and principle reasons, and safe routes are key. Not to mention promoting cycling would reduce automobile traffic and emissions.