Embattled mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner says his Carlos Danger days are definitely behind him, at least for now; in an interview this week, he told a reporter he was "100 percent not" sending women pictures of his junk, and it's time to talk about "the issues," already. And he really means it, you guys!

In an interview with NBC 4 New York yesterday, Weiner told reporter Andrew Siff he was done with the crotch shots...for now. "You and I to some degree are having a conversation about something that happened a year ago. It's being treated as if it happened yesterday," Weiner said, when Siff prompted him about his most recent sex scandals. "I'm not doing any of these things now. They're behind me." When Siff asked if the candidate was sexting anyone special right now, he replied decisively, "100 percent not." Earlier this week, Weiner told the Daily News his dong shots were done "basically" a year ago. And when probed to discuss the scandals further, Weiner got feisty. "It's out there. I did these things," he said. "At one point do I get to say, let me talk about the issues that are important to the city of New York? When do I get to say that?"

Alas, if you were hoping more photographs of Weiner's wiener would resurface soon, it looks like you'll have to stick with the NSFW vast reservoir of Carlos' crotch shots floating around on the Internet; Weiner says he's since purged all his sexy text messages. "I deleted everything. It was something I put behind me," he said. And so, we should all quit asking him about his sexting scandals, media meanies, because he says it's time to start focusing on his policy instead, though that can't help anyone's pageviews, now can it?