Rep. Anthony Weiner, who recently showed off his social media skills by chatting with people on Daily Kos, Reddit, Twitter and Facebook, hates bike lanes (kinda). But do you know what else he hates? Paying his parking tickets on time! Roll Call found that the Weiner owed $2,180 in unpaid Washington DC parking tickets from March 2007 through early this month. Luckily for DC coffers, Weiner wants to run for NYC mayor in 2013 so he paid them after he was contacted by Roll Call!

Some of the tickets were "instances in which he appears to have incurred multiple violations,such as failing to display current tags while parked in a taxi stand zone." According to Capital Tonight, "Members of Congress are allowed to park at 'available curb space' and avoid tickets while they’re working, as long as they’re using vehicles with official plates issued by their home state - not the House or US Senate. They are still required to obey restrictions for rush hour parking, loading zones and fire hydrants." Weiner's spokesman Dave Arnold said, "All of the Congressman’s parking tickets have been paid. He is pleased to have helped decrease the D.C. budget deficit." Well, this is a small drop in the bucket for DC, which has over $300 million in unpaid parking tickets.

Last year, Weiner has complained about diplomats getting away with not paying parking tickets.