Now that's he's blasted both Bill O'Reily and Sarah Palin, ripped Congress Republicans a new one and had a bona-fide terrorist threat at his office, Rep. Anthony Weiner may ride his new star all the way to Gracie Mansion. "There isn't a day that I go to work in this job that I'm not thinking about how I can fight for my city. I'm sure I'll still feel that way in 2013," Weiner told the Daily News.

Though his last bid for mayor ended with him dropping out, he says he has accomplished much of what he promised. "When I announced I wasn't going to run for mayor, I specifically said I was going to throw myself into health care...I really did what I said I was going to do." He's also turned into somewhat of a health care hot-shot, with Speaker Nancy Pelosi giving him her tally sheet for the vote that passed one of the health care bills. Even Republicans have a hard time hating him. Representative Pete King of Long Island says despite his "theatrical" outbursts, "Anthony, offstage, doesn't take himself [too] seriously." Man, is there anyone he can't charm? Well, Bill O'Reilly didn't seem to pleased after Weiner accused him of "making stuff up."