081808bourdain.jpgFor some people, food is a means of sustenance, or at least a way to pad the stomach before a night of binge drinking. For others, it's a passion, and for a smaller minority, a career. But for celebrity "Chef-at-Large" Anthony Bourdain, it's clearly become a problem. To hear him tell it on his blog today, the man could use some help scoring primo stuff in NYC: "How come I gotta go halfway across the earth -- to like, Singapore, or Hong Kong (or Spain), for instance, to really get MY culinary jollies these days?... I'm like a full-bloom junkie, the honeymoon period over, needing a higher and higher dosage to get off in MY home town of New York!" It's only a matter of time before he bottoms out, face down in a plate of Chimichangas at Caliente Cab Company. At this point only a very special "foodie" episode of Intervention can save him.