Television In this day and age nearly everyone receives their television programming through the coaxial cables that run into our homes. Some days though, we can't help but get fed up with the Cable Companies that provide the service. It's unbelievable that this vital, life-sustaining utility is permitted to operate as a regional monopoly, screwing consumers out of our God-given right to choice.

So let's say you decide to junk your cable box, what next? Giving up television is clearly not an option and any alternative involves putting something up on your roof to gather up those ephemeral electromagnetic waves. Point it in the right direction and you'll be basking in the glowing warmth of television's warming glow in no time. Point it wrong, and all you'll be able to receive is DSN. Have no fear, here comes AntennaWeb to the rescue. A service of the Consumer Electronics Association, AntennaWeb "appl[ies] massive computing power to massive databases to compute antenna requirements in your neighborhood". Thanks , AntennaWeb!