A man fired a gun at the Wall Street 4/5 station yesterday afternoon, injuring no one except subway tiles of the "Wall Street" sign and seriously freaking out everyone else. The Post says that the man, who was muttering to himself as he paced in the train car, confronted another passenger, who then said something like "What are you looking at?" When the two men got off at the Wall Street stop, the shooter took at his gun and fired at the other person; the Daily News reports that the man was yelling, "I can't wait to leave this country in three days!" The police think the man was mentally disturbed; Gothamist, without any formal medical or investigative training, would venture to agree and we think there's a lesson in this - try to keep to yourself on the subway. Point out directions, sure, but maybe the subway (or anywhere else) isn't the greatest place to get into a pissing match. The shooter remains at large.

The NY Times spoke to Gene Russianoff of the Straphanger Campaign, who said, "Is something going on here? My instinct says no, but I can understand the fears of New Yorkers when there is a rash of episodes in our collective backyard." Or collective basement, as it were. The Times details some of the NYPD's subway tactics (more officers stationed, randomly stopping by stations), but Gothamist wants to know if this is will spur more surveillance cameras in stations. The Post has the latest subway crime statistics from the NYPD, which are still down in violent crimes but high in things like pickpocketing.

More about the Wall Street station from Gothamist's favorite subway resource, NYCsubway.org.