Yates Zoo; Photo - Daily News

It's not a new year until there's a story about Antoine Yates, the Harlem man who managed to keep a tiger (and an alligator) in his apartment until the tiger mauled him and police found the 250 big cat lounging around. The Daily News reports that authorities are claiming that eight chidren lived alongside the tiger and alligator, in an effort to charge Yates and his mother with reckless endangerment. Apparently Martha Yates raised eight children (four biological and four foster) in the apartment between April 2002 and January 2003, though son Antoine denies that the kids and animals ever lived together. It sounds like a bad TV show: Eight is Enough Meets The Alligator Hunter or "The Eight of Us Plus Our Two Exotic and Dangerous Pets." Yates is due back in court in April.