2005_06_posicle.jpgGothamist is happy that it's sunny on a weekend for a change after this past spring's crappy weekend weather, but
this is a little much. We'd like to roam around when we're outside, not be reduced to a sweaty, melting mess as we roam from store to store running our chores. The Post spoke to a Manhattan resident who said, "It sucks. I don't like the heat, period. The humidity kills you and makes you lazy. The only time I like warm weather is when I'm going to the beach. Otherwise, let it be cold." Spoken like a true New Yorker: Me me me!

Gothamist has been on a steady diet of cold and/or refreshing foods: Ice cream, watermelon, sushi, ice cream, leftover pizza, frozen drinks, and more ice cream. How are you keeping cool? And who knew the inventor of the popsicle, Frank Epperson, originally wanted to name it the "Epsicle," but changed it to the popsicle at the behest of his kids?