Is this the Daily News' way to get voters to pay attention to the Attorney General race? A recent Quinnipiac poll showed that 81% of Democrats didn't know who they would vote for in the primary next month and only 3% could name on of the five Democrats vying for a shot at Andrew Cuomo's job. But now we bet the 3% will go up, because Nassau County DA Kathleen Rice met with the News' Editorial Board and "admitted Tuesday to dabbling with marijuana and cocaine in her college days."

Rice said she did drugs "a handful" of times in her early 20s, "It was one of those stupid things that people do in their life and you regret and you move on." We guess that goes along with casting her first vote ever in 2002, though she registered to vote in 1994; when Newsday broke that story, she said, "It was my mistake. During that period of my life, I did not vote. Unfortunately, like a lot of young adults early in their professional lives, I failed to see the political significance of casting a ballot."

So far, the AG candidates' "scandalous" moments have been the above mentioned Rice issues and State Senator Eric Schneiderman's fender-bender. But we await more, as other papers' editorial boards chat with the candidates!